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Changing Your Course Name and Course Number in Canvas

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Official course names and course numbers are set when the course site is first created in Canvas. As course names can be truncated upon course creation, or updated in Yale Course Search later (a change that does not update an existing course name), instructors can update this information as necessary.

If you are going to change your course name, we request that you maintain this structure:

Name: TEMP 101 01 (SP21): Sample Course Name
Course Code: TEMP 101 01

  1. Click on "Settings" from the course navigation.
  2. Click on the "Course Details" tab across the top.
  3. Editing "Name" will edit the long name of the course.
  4. Editing the "Course Code" will edit the short name of the course that appears across to top of the course site.
  5. Click "Update Course Details" at the bottom to save the changes.

The following article, Why is my Canvas course name different than past years?, helps explain the change in course name structure implemented during Summer 2020 to encourage unique course names over time.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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