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How do I Create a Discussion Board?

The "Discussion" tool allows you to create a discussion board in which students can see and respond their peers' responses to a topic.

1. Click on "Discussions" from the course navigation.

2. Click "+Discussion" at the top right corner.

Click "Discussions", and click "+Discussion".

3. Name the discussion in the "Topic Title".

4. Type your discussion details within the rich content editor.

5. If you would like to attach files, you can select the file from the content selector panel.

6. Choose which section you would like to post the discussion to.

7. Add any additional file attachments.

8. Choose the specific options for your discussion topic that pertain to the discussion topic.

  • Allow threaded replies
  • Users must post before seeing replies
  • Enable podcast feed
  • Graded
  • Allow liking

9. You can choose to make it a group discussion. If you select this option, students will only be able to interact with students in their groups.

Note: You can find instructions on how to create groups from our help article "How do I Create Groups".

10. You can choose the availability dates for when students can interact and reply to the discussion.

11. Click "Save & Publish" or just "Save".

Set the discussion options.

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