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Understanding Gradebook Views and Filters

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The default view of the Gradebook is a table comprised of rows containing your students' names, and columns representing your graded activities / categories. The Gradebook supports a wide variety of functions to view, arrange, filter, and sort your students and assignments.

Default Gradebook View

  1. Click on "Grades" from the course menu to access the Gradebook.
  1. Each assignment that you have created in the course will have its own column with the rows being the enrolled students.
Gradebook table with a student row highlighted that has a cross section with an assignment column that is also highlighted
  1. Likewise, every assignment category will also have its own column with the student’s average for that category based on the weights you set for them.
Gradebook table with the category headings highlighted for their columns and the Course Total column highlighted representing the overall grade for the course

Views and Filters

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Icons & Colors
Individual Gradebook

If you need to view a single student's Gradebook, you can switch your Gradebook to the "Individual Gradebook" that allows you to view and manipulate a single student. This is particularly useful if you need to discuss a student's overall grades and would like to have their grades available without displaying the entire Gradebook and other students' scores.

Enhanced Filtering
Sorting Students
Sorting Assignments
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