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Submitting a File to a Canvas Assignment on a Student's Behalf

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Instructors can submit a file to a Canvas Assignment set to accept file uploads on behalf of a student in their course's Gradebook. Their submission to the assignment will include the timestamp as well as who submitted the file to the assignment. The instructor can also submit multiple files at a time for a single student, and submit beyond the availability date of a Canvas Assignment.

Currently on users with the role of Instructor or Guest Instructor in a course have the ability to upload a file on a student's behalf for a Canvas Assignment. All other course and system admin roles cannot submit a file on behalf of students.

Note: Submitting a file on behalf of a student to a Canvas Assignment that is also using Turnitin circumnavigates a student's requirement of accepting that they are submitting their work to Turnitin.

  1. In your Canvas course, navigate to your course Gradebook section.
  2. Locate the Canvas Assignment column you need to upload a file on behalf of a student for and the row with the student's name.
    1. You may only upload a file to a Canvas Assignment that has been configured to accept "File Uploads" in the settings.
  3. Select the Gradebook cell for the student and click the Grade Detail Tray icon.
  1. From the Grade Detail Tray that opens on the right-hand side for that student, click the "Submit for Student" button.
  1. In the "Upload File" picker box that opens, drag and drop or search your computer for the student's file that you want to submit on their behalf.
  2. Files that have been uploaded and are ready to submit will be listed along the top of the box.
    1. Click the Trash Can icon to the right of the file name to remove it from being submitted.
  3. When all files have been selected in the picker box, click the "Submit" button to add the files to the Canvas Assignment on behalf of your student.
  1. When viewing the documents submitted in the SpeedGrader, the timestamp will specify who submitted the files.

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