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Accessing the SpeedGrader from the Gradebook

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While you may normally open the SpeedGrader from Assignments, you are also capable of accessing the SpeedGrader from the Gradebook. In the Gradebook, you can only open the SpeedGrader from an individual student’s grade detail tray.

  1. From the Gradebook page in your course, click on the student's grade cell in the assignment column for the submission you wish to view in the SpeedGrader.
    1. To the right of the grade field, click on the arrow icon to open up the Grade Detail Tray on the right.
  1. In the Grade Detail Tray that opens up, click on "SpeedGrader."
  1. The SpeedGrader will open to that student's submission.
    1. From here you can utilize and navigate through the SpeedGrader as normal.

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