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Disabling / Enabling the Mid-Semester Feedback Tool in Your Canvas Course

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By default, the Mid-Semester Feedback tool is enabled and will open to students in your courses on the pre-determined Feedback Open Date. If you have not customized the survey, students will be presented with the four default questions on that date (see the Managing Mid-Semester Feedback Survey Questions article for the list of the default questions).

Instructors do have the ability to disable (and if necessary re-enable) the survey tool in their course if desired.

Disabling the Mid-Semester Feedback Tool

  1. To disable the Mid-Semester Feedback tool in your course, go to your course and click on the "Mid-Semester Feedback" tool in the course navigation.
  2. On the main page of the tool, click on the "Allow Student Access" toggle button (put to the gray X "off" position) and then click "OK" in the pop-up to confirm that you want to disable the tool.
Alternative Method to Disabling the Mid-Semester Feedback Tool

You can also disable the tool by removing the Mid-Semester Feedback tool from the course navigation menu. When the Instructor tool is removed, the student tool will not appear when the survey date opens.  

  1. To remove the tool from your course navigation menu go to the "Settings" area of your course
  2. Click the "Navigation" tab across the top.
  3. Drag and drop the "Mid-Semester Feedback" tool from the upper list of enabled items to the lower list of disabled items.
  4. When done click the "Save" button.

To re-enable the Mid-Semester Feedback after it has been removed from the Course Navigation using this method just requires you to move the item from the bottom list to the top list and click "Save" again.

Re-Enabling the Mid-Semester Feedback Tool

  1. If you want to re-enable the tool, go back to the "Mid-Semester Feedback" tool in the Course Navigation.
  2. Click on the "Allow Student Access" toggle button (put to the green check mark "on" position).

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