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Timing of Mid-Semester Feedback

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The Mid-Semester Feedback survey opens during a pre-designated, roughly 2 week period during the midterm of the semester, and allows students to complete a separate survey for each of their courses that offer the survey. Instructors can choose whether to use the survey (which is on by default) or disable it for each course they teach.  

The Mid-Semester Feedback dates are set globally for all courses and cannot be modified for a specific course, instructor, or student.

The Mid-Semester Feedback tool is controlled by pre-designated dates which are selected before the term begins and are posted within the instructor view of the Mid-Semester Feedback Tool in Canvas.

To access the dates for your survey:

  1. Click the "Mid-Semester Feedback" button in the course navigation menu.
  2. You will see the dates in the "Feedback Schedule" section of the main Mid-Semester Feedback page.

The pre-designated dates include:

  • Instructor Open Date - Date after which instructors can begin customizing their Mid-Semester Feedback surveys in each course. Typically instructors can begin customizing their surveys right after course sites are created for the semester up through the Course Question Deadline.
  • Course Question Deadline - Date after which instructors can no longer select / create / edit questions for the surveys.
  • Feedback Opens to Students Date - Date when students can begin submitting feedback.
  • Feedback Close Date - Date after which students can no longer submit feedback.
  • Submission Purge Date - Date when student submissions will be permanently deleted from the Mid-Semester Feedback tool. 
    • Instructors are encouraged to download their students' feedback prior to this date.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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