Anonymous Feedback Tool: Overview

The anonymous feedback tool in Canvas allows students to provide anonymous feedback to instructors at any time during the semester.  When enabled, students can go to the tool and enter in textual feedback into an open-ended text entry field. 

Although the Anonymous Feedback tool does not allow instructors to create text prompts for students to respond to, instructors can provide questions in advance to students so they can include it in their responses.  

Any feedback students submit is only accessible to official instructors of record (having the role of "Instructor" in the Canvas site), and student submissions are not shared with administrators or other users outside of the course.

Only official instructors and students enrolled within the course can use this tool. If there is more than one user in the Canvas site with the role of Instructor, all of these Instructors will be able to see the student feedback.

Please keep in mind that this tool differs from the Mid-Semester Feedback tool. Please refer the "Mid-Semester Feedback: Overview" article for information on that particular tool.

Why use the Anonymous Feedback Tool?

Anonymous online surveys can be effective teaching tools, helping instructors gather feedback on their teachingassess prior student knowledge, or perform active learning exercises.

Use Cases for the Anonymous Feedback Tool

The Anonymous Feedback Tool can be used to collect feedback on:

  • The pacing of the course consistently throughout the term of the course.
  • Appropriateness of the assignments and activities.
  • Student comfort with the course content materials.
  • Suggestions for what students would like to see improved / changed.
  • What aspects of the course are working well.
  • Other suggestions / comments.

How do I get started using the Anonymous Feedback Tool?

To learn more about how to use the Anonymous Feedback tool, please reference:

What will my students see?

Students will see "Feedback" in the course navigation. However, they will see something different than instructors when they go to the feedback tool.

  1. Students will be able to enter text feedback.
    1. They can write up to 1000 characters of feedback.
  2. Clicking the "Submit" button will submit the feedback entered.
    1. Students can submit feedback as often as they would like.

For individuals who are NOT official instructors or registered students, they will receive this error message:

Due to your enrollment, you do not have access to this tool. If you think this is an error, please contact your instructor.

Additional Resources

Explore the Poorvu Center website to learn more about:

Check out the "Mid-Semester Feedback: Overview" article to learn more about that tool.

For more help, please contact