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Changing Grading Schemes / Grade Letter Ranges

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Within Canvas, there is a default grading scheme set by Canvas. If your course has its own grading scheme, you can modify this grading scheme easily. This article provides the directions on how to create a grading scheme and how to embed this grading scheme into your course.

Default Grading Scheme

Name Range
A 100% to 94%
A- < 94% to 90%
B+ < 90% to 87%
B < 87% to 84%
B- < 84% to 80%
C+ < 80% to 77%
C < 77% to 74%
C- < 74% to 70%
D+ < 70% to 67%
D < 67% to 64%
D- < 64% to 61%
F < 61% to 0%

Changing and Using Grading Schemes

Vendor Guide: How do I add a grading scheme in a course?
Vendor Guide: How do I enable a grading scheme for a course?

A grading scheme will not take affect until it has been enabled in the course.

Vendor Guide: How do I use grading schemes in a course?

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