New Gradebook Features

With the new Gradebook, there are additional features that may be beneficial to you and your course. The purpose of this article is to review the new features as well as the missing features which Instructure is currently developing resolutions for. 

New Features

Note: Below is a summary of the New Gradebook Features - for full details, please refer to the Canvas Release: New Gradebook vendor guide.

The new Canvas Gradebook includes many features designed to improve the grading experience. In the new Gradebook, you can:

  • SortingSort assignment columns by their order in modules.
  • FilteringFilter assignments by assignment group and/or by module.
  • Customization for Grading Statuses: Set custom colors for specific submission and grading statuses, including: late, missing, resubmitted, dropped (via assignment group rules), and excused.
  • Sorting ColumnsSort the data in any Gradebook column by missing or late status.
  • Grade Input: Toggle between entering and viewing grades as points or as percentage values.
  • Unpublished Assignments: View or hide unpublished assignments.
  • Automate Late Policies: Automatically apply grading rules to late and missing submissions.
  • Adjust Submission Status: Manually adjust submission status to none, late, missing, or excused.
  • Grade Posting Policy:  Select the default grade posting behavior for all gradebook columns (automatically / manually).  This can also still be set at the individual assignment level.  
  • Hide/Post (formerly Mute/Unmute) additional features - For manually posted grades, instructors will be able to hide/post to all students or to students who have a graded submission. Additionally, the new Grade Posting Policy allows instructors to release grades based on students' course section enrollment.

Missing Features

  • Student NetID Missing: Currently the student's secondary ID (NetID) does not automatically appear. In order to show NetID you will need to click the 3 dots associated with the column, select  Secondary Info, and then Login ID
  • Anonymous Roster: Cannot hide student's names. Instructors can turn on Anonymous Grading for use with the SpeedGrader when grading individual assignments.

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