WordPress for Canvas

WordPress for Canvas is a the popular WordPress blogging software powered by EduBlogs and made available through Canvas for use in teaching. Once the wordpress site is requested and installed in your Canvas course, a new tab will appear in the course navigation called, Course Blog. Once clicked, you will be taken to a WordPress site specifically created for your Canvas course. The integration with Canvas provides roster syncing and easy access to the blog through Canvas.

WordPress in Canvas Screenshot

Why Use WordPress for Canvas

Blogs are a popular way to engage students with course materials and foster students' writing. Some instructors choose to use blogs if they are interested in a new approach to using discussion posts. Some feel that with the move to remote teaching, blogging can help foster a student's sense of community in the class. As with all assignments, it is important to set guidelines and goals for a course blog. Tips about blogging in the classroom and best practices for incorporating blogs can be found at the articles linked here:

Using WordPress in your Canvas course

WordPress in Canvas sites are connected to courses in Canvas 1:1, so unfortunately we cannot connect the same WordPress site in Canvas to multiple courses in Canvas.  However, any course in Canvas can have a WordPress site connected to it. To request a WordPress for Canvas site, please fill out the request form here:

WordPress for Canvas Request

If you are interested in having a single blog for multiple Canvas sites, or for use not connected to Canvas at all, consider self provisioning a CampusPress site. More information about CampusPress sites can be found here: http://campuspress.yale.edu/