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LinkedIn Learning: Overview

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LinkedIn Learning is a professionally curated video library with courses in leadership, professional development, creative media, and information technology. Its courses are designed for in-depth and just-in-time instruction at various skill levels.

The platform also offers some of the same courses in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin or Brazilian Portuguese languages.

The content hosted in LinkedIn Learning is often not created for or by anyone at Yale, so please review the materials before assigning them to your students.

Why Use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning offers high production and well crafted supplemental materials / just in time resources on a wide variety of topics. LinkedIn Learning may offer additional resources or supports for your students in specific technologies and soft skills such as presentation skills, public speaking, leadership, project management, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Power BI, and many more.

Leveraging LinkedIn Learning videos, courses, learning paths, and collections can provide instructors with supplemental content to support student learning in transferable and marketable skills and tools. Likewise, students can connect their LinkedIn Learning accounts with their personal LinkedIn user profiles to earn and share badges that demonstrate their completion of LinkedIn Learning course materials.

LinkedIn Learning courses and learning paths also often come with ready made and available "exercise files" which users can use to follow along with the videos where applicable.

Use Cases for LinkedIn Learning

A non-exhaustive list outlining what Instructors can use LinkedIn Learning to facilitate in the online portions of their courses include:

  • Sharing LinkedIn Learning playlists on public speaking and presentation tips with the class prior to the final presentation assignment
  • Assigning LinkedIn Learning videos on Microsoft Excel for remediation after a homework problem set
  • Referencing project management learning paths on LinkedIn Learning at the start of a semester long project
  • Encouraging students to watch a collection of videos on group work and leadership before starting a major group project

How do I use LinkedIn Learning in my course?

To learn more about how to find and add LinkedIn Learning content to your course, please reference:

What will my students see?

Students will click on the link in your Canvas course and a new tab will open to the specific LinkedIn Learning content you chose to share with them, whether that be a specific video, an entire course, a learning path, or a private collection.

The list of videos will be visible on the left-hand side under the "Contents" menu, while additional resources like the video "Overview," "Q&A" forum, personal "Notebook," and a running "Transcript" are available toggles below the video player. Likewise, the option to show and view resources like any applicable "Exercise Files" are also available under the "Related to this Course" header.

For more help with LinkedIn Learning, please email [email protected].

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