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Post'Em: Overview

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The Post'Em tool is a way for instructors to provide detailed text feedback to students by uploading a single CSV file. Your CSV file can contain multiple columns of feedback and you can upload as many different CSV files as you wish.

Why use Post'Em?

The Post'Em tool allows instructors to upload and distribute feedback to students quickly through the use of easily configurable CSV files. Post'Em is integrated through Canvas so feedback is centrally located for faculty and students a like.

Uses Cases for Post'Em

A non-exhaustive list of how an instructor may utilize Post'Em to facilitate their course includes:

  • Upload individualized feedback to a large class of students all at once
  • Provide progressive feedback to students on a project by uploading new versions of feedback to the Post'Em tool
  • See which students have viewed and accessed your feedback comments on Post'Em

How do I get started using Post'Em in my course?

What will my students see?

Students will only see their own feedback in a given Post'Em feedback file.

  1. Students can click into the "Post'Em" tool in the course navigation.
  2. Released feedback will be appear in the table where students can click the "Actions" button to select the "View" option.
  1. The student will then see their individual feedback for that Post'Em file in the far-right column of the table that displays.

Additional Resources

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