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Qualtrics LTI: Overview

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The Qualtrics LTI is a powerful survey tool that is integrated into Yale's instance of Canvas. Qualtrics allows for faculty to create and share robust, responsive surveys to collect data and feedback from their students and other users, while the Qualtrics LTI is the bridge that connects those surveys into Canvas.

Why use Qualtrics LTI?

The Qualtrics LTI is integrated into Canvas, which allows for dynamic and robust passing of information between the two tools. Qualtrics supports powerful data analysis capabilities to interpret survey responses. The Qualtrics LTI is also the survey tool replacement available to use as Canvas shifts away from the Classic Quizzes functionality that supported ungraded and graded surveys in favor of their New Quizzes engine.

Use Cases for Qualtrics LTI

A non-exhaustive list of how an instructor may utilize the Qualtrics LTI to facilitate their course includes:

  • Creating weekly exit tickets to collect student feedback on their perception of the course material
  • Solicit mid-semester feedback on course design
  • Provide knowledge check / formative assessment opportunities for students to test their mastery of content

What will my students see?

A Qualtrics survey must be added to a Canvas course as an Assignment for any kind of embedded data or grade pass-back to occur.

  1. Students will click on the Qualtrics LTI assignment item in Canvas and be asked to click the "Load the survey in a new window" button on the landing page of the Canvas assignment.
  1. The new tab will open with the survey and the student can then continue to complete and navigate through the survey as normal, with any embedded data visible for students to see.

Additional Resources

For more help with the Qualtrics LTI in Canvas, please email [email protected].

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