WordPress in Canvas: How to Blog

WordPress in Canvas is the integration of CampusPress into Canvas to facilitate learning between your course site and course blog.

How to access your blog

If this is your first time accessing the course blog, you will need to follow these directions in order to be added and granted the appropriate permissions to the blog

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course with the course blog
  2. In the left hand course level navigation, click on the "Course Blog" link
  3. This will open up WordPress in Canvas. It may prompt you to log in with your school information. If this is the case, use your Canvas credentials.
  4. You will be taken to the home page of the course blog. From here, you can start posting!
Click the "Course Blog" link

How to change your display name.

  1. When you first login your display name will be your Net ID. In the top right corner you will see “Howdy, [NetID]“.
  2. Move your cursor over that and select “Edit My Profile”.
  3. Add your first name and last name in the text boxes then choose that from the “Display Name Publicly As” drop down.
  4. As you create posts your name will appear on the right menu of the blog.
  5. If you click on your name, all the posts you create will be aggregated.
Click "Edit My Profile"

How to post

  1. If you are logged in you will see a black admin bar across the top. If you don’t see the bar click Login under User Tools on the right hand menu.
  2. On the top admin menu hover over “+New” and select “Post”
  3. Title your Blog
  4. Add content in the main content area (including images, links, audio and video – see below for specific media upload information).
  5. Before you publish your post, select the assignment category appropriate for the post. The category box is to the right of the main content box. This way you can click the category on the right menu of the blog and it will aggregate all posts associated with that particular assignment.
  6. Click Publish on the upper right.
How to post

How to comment on a post

  1. Click on the title of the post
  2. Enter your comment in the “Leave a reply” text box
  3. Click "Post Comment
Leave a reply

How to add media

The Media Library holds all uploaded images, audio or video you upload using the Add Media button in the Post editor.

Uploading an Image

  • Locate an image you would like to use online.
  • Right click on the image and choose “Save Image as”
  • If appropriate rename the image and save to a location on your computer.
  • On the course blog Post Editor window click the Add Media button and drag and drop the image into the Media Library.
  • On the right, change the alignment if you want
  • Be sure to cite the source for your image within the post content.

Adding images from Google Images

  • Open Google images, find the image you would like to add to the blog. Click View Image.
  • Copy the URL and click add media.
  • Choose Add media from URL.
  • Link to image URL, or to a custom URL.

Adding YouTube

  • YouTube videos will be displayed as a video player on the blog within the post
  • Find the video you’d like to feature
  • Copy the URL
  • In the Post editor, paste the URL on it’s own line (return before and after the URL).
  • If you only see the URL and not a video player, it is usually because the URL is not on a line by itself.
  • You can add videos from other sites such as Vimeo.

For more help, please contact canvas@yale.edu.