Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is Yale's supported system for in-class polling. Using a cloud based "bring your own device" model for polling, Poll Everywhere allows the flexibility to be used in an online course context as well as in person. Poll Everywhere provides an expanded list of question types vs. Zoom polling including short answer, clickable images, ranking and others. Polling allows you to get real-time formative feedback from students. This feedback can be used to gauge student understanding of concepts, and allow for new strategies  in engaging students in higher order thinking. In addition to live polling, static links can be generated for Poll Everywhere questions, which can be used to ask a question via a poll in an asynchronous context via email, posting on Canvas, or other communication medium.  

Accessing Poll Everywhere

To begin using all the features of Poll Everywhere you will need an account set up with Yale's license. Please contact medialibrary@yale.edu to request an account. If you have previously set up a Poll Everywhere account with your Yale email address, your account can be moved to be under Yale's license which allows you access to the features of Poll Everywhere. 

Once your account has been created with Yale you can navigate to https://www.polleverywhere.com/ and select "Log in" in the upper right hand corner.

Poll Every homepage with log in highlighted

Enter your Yale email address and select "Next" and then " Log in with Yale"

Poll Everywhere log in displaying "log in with Yale"

You will then be taken to Yale's CAS log in, where you can log in using your Yale NetID and password.