Media Library (Panopto)

Media Library (Panopto) is a streaming video service that is integrated into Canvas.  Media Library can be used to store and stream uploaded audio and video files.  Using the Panopto Recorder or Capture tool, instructors can record and edit new audio/video files to share with students.  Instructors can also integrate Medial Library into assignments allowing students to upload/record audio and video files to submit.

Media Library seamlessly integrates into multiple areas of Canvas courses:

  • Embeds via Canvas Rich Content Editor - instructors can embed Media Library videos into their Canvas content
  • Quizzes via Canvas Assignments - instructors can overlay a questions from a short list of question types on top of their videos which can be linked to a Canvas Assignment for grading
  • Lecture capture via Zoom sessions scheduled in Canvas - Zoom sessions scheduled through the Canvas Zoom tool and set to record to the cloud will automatically be processed and moved to the Canvas course site's Media Library tool

Media Library is integrated with Canvas - but can also be used independently from Canvas (for NetID holders only).

Media Library for Lecture Capturing

Classroom Lecture Capture

To record your in-classroom sessions please email your request to Someone from our staff will work with you to pursue the best option available.

Asynchronous Self captured Pre-recorded Lectures

Media Library can be used for recording audio/video files to be shared with students and, if desired, embedded into areas of Canvas (like on Pages, Assignments, Announcements, etc.).  Using the Panopto Recorder tool or the simplified Panopto Capture tool, instructors can use their webcam and microphone to record themselves speaking and can also use the desktop capturing tools to record their screen (e.g. presenting PowerPoint slides, demoing software, writing on a tablet, etc...).

Synchronous Lecture capture:  Zoom / Media Library Integration

Zoom and Media Library (Panopto) now have an integration which makes it easy for instructors to record and share their live recorded lectures sessions.  Zoom lectures schedule through the Canvas Zoom tool that are set to record to the cloud will automatically be uploaded to the Media Library folder of the course in which the session was scheduled.  

Using the Zoom/Panopto (Media Library) Integration

Media Library for sharing videos

For instructors who already have video files, Media Library can be used to store and stream/share videos with students.  

* Course Welcome Videos have special embedding instructions to ensure the course videos stored in Media Library are visible to all students.

Media Library for Video Assignments

Instructors can set up assignments that require students to submit audio/video files.  Media Library can be set up with a folder where students will just upload their files.  If making the assignment gradable is desired, instructors can set up a Canvas Assignment where students can upload/link their file.

Media Library Video Quizzes

Video quizzes can allow for low stakes opportunities for students to answer multiple choice or fill in the black questions during recorded course content. This can provide students prompts to reflect on material that has been presented, and checks on understanding of key concepts, before moving on with additional content.


Video Quiz Presentation

Whether videos are presented in Panopto's full screen web player, or in an embedded context, video quizzes will stop the video at the selected time and prompt students to answer one, or multiple, questions before moving on. Options in the quiz tool include allowing students to retake the quiz, showing the correct answer with an explanation, and the ability to show a grade after the student completes the quiz.

Example of a video quiz in the web player:

image showing a quiz displayed in Panopto web player

Example of video quiz in an embed:

view of embedded video with quiz displayed