Canvas Announcements

Instructors in a Canvas course have the ability to send announcements to students in their course. Announcements are found in each course site in the left hand navigation. This is a one way communication tool to send important updates and information to your students. By default, students will receive a notification email when new announcements are posted. They can also access a history of all announcements by going to "Announcements" in the Canvas course site.

Why Use Canvas Announcements

  • Send important updates and information to all students in a single post
  • Set up announcements in advance to automatically send at a specific date and time
  • Students receive email notification with the announcement attached

Sending an Announcement

Sending an announcement can be done from the "Announcements" section of your Canvas course. Click on the "+Announcement" button at the top right hand corner, and you will be taken to the page where you can compose the announcement. Title the announcement and use the large text area to type the message. Unlike the Inbox tool, this has a rich content editor that will allow you to format your message as you'd like. You can also use the content selector panel on the right hand side to add links, files, and images into the body of your message.

Below the rich content editor, you can also attach files that you don't want to directly link in your message. Additionally, the "Delay posting" option will allow you to create an announcement that will be pushed at a later date or time. This is useful for pre-creating a message that you'd like to send at a specific time.

For more details on sending an announcement, please see our help article, How do I Create an Announcement?

For more details on how to use the Rich Content Editor and the Content Selector Panel, please see our following help articles: