Turnitin compares a student paper against a wide range of sources, and generates a report highlighting passages in the submitted paper that have phrasing similar to published material. Turnitin is only available at Yale through Canvas Assignments - we are unable to support direct access to turnitin.com at this time.

For questions about using Turnitin in Canvas, or for assistance reviewing a Turnitin report, please email askpoorvucenter@yale.edu.

To access Turnitin outside of an individual course or assignment, please use the following access page to join the appropriate class based on your role (CAS required).

Using Turnitin in your Canvas Course

There are several important things to keep in mind when considering Turnitin for your assignments.  

  • Turnitin is optional, and can be used on a course by course, assignment by assignment basis.
  • All Canvas assignments using Turnitin MUST have a due date.  If you do not set a due date, Turnitin will set a due date for 1 week after you save the publish the assignment. 
  • Turnitin reports are automatically linked to Canvas based on two triggering events:
    1. When the student first submits or resubmits the assignment prior to the due date
    2. On the assignment due date itself, after submissions have been sent and stored in the Yale-only repository for comparison against each other.
  • If you would like papers to be checked against other submissions within the same class, for the same assignment, the assignment Turnitin settings must use the Yale-only Institutional paper repository, and the papers only get sent to the repository on the due date for the assignment.  After this date, a new report is generated now comparing the papers to each other. 
  • If you are creating an assignment to collect a "draft" version of a student paper, DO NOT store the draft assignment in the Yale-only Institution paper repository. This will help prevent false positives when the student submits their final version of the assignment.

Additional Resources

The Poorvu Center has organized resources to help faculty use Turnitin to improve student writing. Faculty and students can use Turnitin to see patterns of source use and misuse, and these patterns can help guide revised teaching, writing, and revision practices.

Canvas Faculty Guides

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