Canvas @ YaleInstructor Guides FAQWhy can't I remove some students from my course?

Why can't I remove some students from my course?

Courses for the Current Semester

SOLUTION:  Official enrollments added to Canvas by a student's schedule/worksheet can only be removed by that student dropping the course from their schedule/worksheet.

Official enrollments are synched from student schedules/worksheets into Canvas and cannot be removed from Canvas by instructors.

When students are selecting courses for the semester, they add their prospective courses to their schedule/worksheet via Yale Course Search's Primary Worksheets, Online Course Selection (OCS), or by working directly with a registrar.**

Once a course is added to a student's schedule/worksheet they will automatically be enrolled in course's Canvas site within 2 hours.

Because official enrollments are created outside of and then synched down to Canvas, official enrollments cannot be modified or removed directly from Canvas.  Any modification to official enrollments must be made in the system where the enrollment originated.

Official Canvas enrollments populated by a student's schedule/worksheet can only be removed by that student dropping the course from their schedule/worksheet.

**  Some professional schools may use other methods for students to officially shop/register for courses.  


TIP:  Official enrollments in your course will have the Shopper, Student, or Auditor role.  These roles are used to indicate official enrollments and should not be used when manually adding users to course sites.  

If I cannot remove them via the Canvas People tool, how do official enrollments get dropped from my Canvas course during course selection periods?


Contact the student and ask them to remove the course from the schedule/worksheet.  Once the student removes the course, their enrollment in the Canvas course will be automatically removed within 2 hours.


After the close of the add/drop, there is a flexible grace period  to allow registrars to work through any paper-based enrollment changes.  Once the registrar's office completes that work, extraneous shopper enrollments will be removed automatically.  Announcements are posted within Canvas and on the Canvas login page when shopper removal will occur.

† The grace period usually lasts 1-2 weeks after Yale College/Graduate School closes OCS but can vary depending on the volume of paper-based enrollments.

Courses for Past Semesters

SOLUTION:  Enrollments cannot be removed from courses after the term ends.

When the academic term ends, all courses shift to a read-only state.  Once the course is in this state, enrollments cannot be added or removed from the site.  

If you need to remove a user, you will need to first unlock the course and then you will be able to add/remove users.