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How do I find my student's residential college?

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Instructors may want to check what residential college their students are associated with when coordinating events / activities for their class. Yale University's instance of Canvas provides this information through the Photo Roster tool, which contains a "photo view" and "list view" that shows the Yale ID photos of your students as well as additional information like residential college, graduation year, and major (where applicable).

SOLUTION: Use the Photo Roster Tool

The Photo Roster tool was developed by Yale ITS to include the roster of your Canvas site as well as additional details including:

  1. ID photos
  2. Residential college
  3. Graduation year
  4. Major

A student's Residential College can be found in the "List View" in the Photo Roster tool of a course.

For more information, check out our help articles Photo Roster: Overview and People Tool versus Photo Roster.

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