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How do I find my student's residential college?

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Instructors may want to check what residential college their students are associated with when coordinating events / activities for their class. Yale University's instance of Canvas provides two roster-style tools:

  1. People Tool → used to add / remove / modify enrollments in your course
  2. Photo Roster → contains a "photo view" and "list view" which shows the Yale ID photos of your students as well as additional information like residential college, graduation year, and major (where applicable).

SOLUTION: Use the Photo Roster Tool

The Photo Roster tool is a tool developed by Yale to include the roster of your Canvas site as well as additional details that are not included in the People Tool including the following for each user:

  1. ID photos
  2. Residential college
  3. Graduation year
  4. Major

A student's Residential College can be found in the "List View" in the Photo Roster tool of a course.

For more information, check out our help articles Photo Roster: Overview and People Tool versus Photo Roster.

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