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How do I review my students' name pronunciations and pronouns?

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Yale's Photo Roster has integrated with NameCoach to include a link to the name pronunciation for an individual, and their preferred pronouns, if they have so declared this in the Student Information System / Banner

For more information on the importance of learning student names, please see the following page on the Poorvu Center website, including a link to where faculty can set their name pronunciation and preferred pronouns as well.

You can encourage your students to add their name pronunciation and pronouns in NamecCoach by sending them to the NameCoach website.

Solution: View the Photo Roster - "Photos" View

Reference our Photo Roster: Overview article for more information about the Photo Roster, including how to enable the tool in the event it is disabled in your course site.

  1. Go into your Canvas course site, and click into the "Photo Roster" tool from the course navigation.
  2. In the Photos view, a student's preferred pronouns and a "Speaker" button will be displayed below their picture if they have set their pronouns and have recorded a name pronunciation file through NameCoach.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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