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I just posted an Announcement or Inbox message. Why didn't I get a copy in my Yale email account?

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Each user has control over what notifications they will receive and when. Check out our help articles on Instructor Notification Recommendations and Student Notification Recommendations.

In Canvas, all users have the ability to set their default Account-Level Notification Preferences as well as modify their Course-Level Notification Preferences. Course Level Notifications Preferences are inherited from the Account-Level Notification Preferences settings, but any changes made at the Course-Level will over-ride the Account-Level settings.

SOLUTION: Check / Update Your Notification Preferences

Notification Frequency Options

For each preference listed, your notification frequency options are:

  1. Notify Immediately (solid bell)
  2. A daily summary at the end of the day (calendar with number)
  3. A weekly summary at the end of each week (calendar with date boxes)
  4. Notifications off (clear bell with slash)

For more information about notifications, please visit the vendor help section, "Guides for profile and user settings."

For general help, please contact [email protected].

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