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How do I allow a student extra time to (re)submit an assignment submission?

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In the event that a student needs to resubmit a file to an Assignment activity that is locked because the Available / Until dates have passed, instructors can update an Assignment's settings to provide the singular student access to re-upload their work.

Individual students may need extra time to submit or even resubmit files for a variety of reasons including:

  • Accessibility Accommodations
  • Instructor Approved Extension
  • Multiple Draft Submissions
  • Uploaded Incorrect File
  • Uploaded Corrupted File*
  1. Navigate into your Assignment item and click the "Edit" button.
  1. In the Assignment setup page, scroll down to the "Assign" settings.
  2. Click the "+Add" button to add additional assign criteria.

This process assumes that your Assignment's Submission Attempts setting is set to Unlimited, which is the default for Assignments. If you have an Assignment with Limited attempts set to one (1), then you will need to first delete the student's submission, then follow the steps listed above before they can resubmit.

  1. In the new box that opens below the original Assign section, click into the "Assign To" field to select your student that needs to resubmit.
  2. Set the "Due" date and "Until" date to the day and time when the student must have their file resubmitted.
  1. When done, click "Save."

*Students may sometimes upload a corrupted file intentionally, to give the illusion of an on time submission and thereby gain additional time to work on the assignment. Common ways of corrupting a file include changing the file extension (i.e. taking a .png file and changing it to a .doc to make it appear like a Word document), interrupting the Save / Compress file process, or downloading a file that looks corrupted when opened.

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