LinkedIn Learning

Eligible faculty, student, and staff members can take advantage of LinkedIn Learning courses in leadership, professional development, creative media, and information technology. Its courses are designed for in-depth and just-in-time instruction at various skill levels.

The platform also offers some of the same courses in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin or Brazilian Portuguese languages. Please see the Work @ Yale page to view a small sampling of topics and courses here in the topics of Professional Development, Leadership Development and Career Development.

To access LinkedIn Learning, please follow the Yale Link posted here:

Using LinkedIn Learning in your Canvas Course

LinkedIn Learning has a light weight integration with Canvas allowing you to bring in already published content in LinkedIn Learning into Canvas as an assignment or as content in a module. You will not be able to track individual progress through assigned LinkedIn Learning content, but adding it as a supplemental assignment or resource can give students who wish the practice guidance on relevant courses or videos that could help them learn or hone specific skills.

Anyone with a Yale NetID can take advantage of the content hosted in LinkedIn Learning with our without the Canvas integration, but it is important to note that only NetID holders will be able to follow the URLs posted in Canvas.

Before you can get started adding LinkedIn Learning content to a course in Canvas, instructors must have a Sub Admin level role in LinkedIn Learning in order to find the SSO URL required to integrate the content from LinkedIn Learning into Canvas.  To request this access, please email

LinkedIn Learning Screenshot showing how to get the SSO URL required for integration into Canvas

Use Cases

LinkedIn Learning offers supplemental materials and just in time resources on a wide variety of topics, and if there is a project or presentation component to your class, LinkedIn Learning may offer some additional resources or supports for your students to complete those assignments.

A place to start may be letting them know the resource itself exists.  For example, if presenting in front of the class is a requirement for your course, perhaps they would like to feel more confident in public speaking, or  they would like to better understand how to use powerpoint for an upcoming presentation. Without making these required or official assignments for your class, you could let them know these resources exist, should they wish to take advantage of them. 

The content hosted in LinkedIn Learning is often not created for or by anyone at Yale, so please review the materials before assigning them to your students.