Canvas Pages

Not all course materials or educational content fit neatly into assignments, discussions, quizzes, or files. Information that you'd like to deliver to your students may not fall into any of these categories. Canvas Pages offers a versatile space to put these kinds of materials. Pages can be a way to deliver information and content to students, create a front page to welcome students to your course, and even allow classes to work collaboratively.

Why Use Canvas Pages

  • Create and share information with students that may not fit anywhere else in Canvas
  • Pull in course content such as news/journal articles, files, and multimedia from various sources
  • Use the collaborative features to get student contributions for things such as a class wiki

Creating a Page

To begin creating a page, click on "Pages" in your course navigation. Click on the "+Page" button in the top right hand corner. Title your page and use the large text entry area to create your content. This area has a Rich Content Editor, as well as the Content Selector Panel that allows you to format your content and add materials to your page.

Under "Options" you can determine who has access to edit the page. By default, "Only teachers" can edit. This means that only other instructors and TAs will have access to modify the page you create. Changing which roles can edit will open the page up for collaborations with students or other users in your course.

Once you are done, click "Save & Publish" to begin sharing it with students. If you are not done creating the page and would like to save without sharing, you can simply click "Save" and come back to it at a later time.

For more detailed instructions on how to create a page, please see the vendor help article, How do I create a new page in a course

Front Page and Setting a Home Page

Pages can be used to create a "Front Page". This front page provides a space that can act as a welcome or landing page for your course. To set a Front Page, create a page and format it how you would like. Once the page has been published, go to the Page list in your Canvas course. Click on the three dot icon to the right of the page you want to set, and select "Use as Front Page". This will now be the page you see when you go to Page in Canvas. For more details on how to set a Front Page, please see the vendor help article "How do I set a Front Page in a course".

A front page can be set as your course's Home Page to welcome your students, and allows you to control exactly what students first see when they access your course. To set it as the home page, click on "Home" in your course navigation. On the right hand said, click on the "Choose Home Page" button. A menu will appear that will allow you to select what you want the home page to be. To set it as the front page, select "Pages Front Page" and click "Save". For more details on how to set a Home Page, please see the vendor help article "How do I change the Course Home Page".

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