Canvas @ YaleInstructor Guides FAQWhere are my courses? I'm teaching a course but I do not see it on my Dashboard page.

Where are my courses? I'm teaching a course but I do not see it on my Dashboard page.

Official academic course sites are created in Canvas automatically and enrollments in the sites are managed by the official enrollment data in the registration system (Banner).  Official enrollments (Instructors/Students/Auditors) are all managed by the registration system and can only be modified by a school/departmental registrar in Banner.

Changes made to enrollments in the registration system (Banner) will be synchronized to Canvas every 2 hours - so expected at least a 2 hour delay before changes are reflected in Canvas.

Courses for the Current Semester:

Solution:  Check to see if you are using course "favorites".

Users can use the Canvas "favorites" option to minimize what is displayed on their Dashboard page.  Visit our help article on How to Favorite your Course to see how you can view and update which courses appear on your Dashboard page.

Solution:  Check back in 2 hours.

Changes made by a registrar are not immediately processed into Canvas.  Canvas is updated every 2 hours.  If you have been recently added to a course as an official instructor, please wait at least 2 hours before you try to access the course in Canvas.

Solution:  Check to see if you are listed as the instructor of record.

Go to Yale Course Search and look for your course.  Whoever is listed as the instructor(s) in Yale Course Search will be enrolled in the site with Instructor-level access.  If you are not listed here, then you will not be automatically enrolled in the Canvas Site.  

I am not listed as the instructor of record - what do I do now?

Contact your school/departmental registrar.  They will need to add you as the instructor of record in the registration system and then your account will be enrolled into the course site within 2 hours after the registrar makes the change.

I am listed as the instructor of record, but I still do not see the course - what do I do now?

Please email, and include in your message the course/section/term you are teaching (preferably provide the course code - e.g. SPAN 110 Section 03 for Fall 2020).  A member of our team will assist in troubleshooting the problem.

What if I need access right now - what should I do?

Contact your school/departmental registrar.  Registrar's can opt to have admin access in Canvas that will allow them to manually add you to your course site with the Guest Instructor Role until the change is reflected in the registration system and synced to Canvas.

Courses for the Past Semester

If you are looking for a course that was taught during a term in the past, please check out our help article on Courses in Past Terms - How to View Courses in Past Term.

If you are not enrolled in a past-term course and need access, you will need to contact the instructor who taught that course during the past semester and they can decide whether or not to provide access.