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Gradescope: Overview

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Gradescope is a tool designed to streamline and standardize the collection, grading, and feedback process for paper-based, digital, and code assignments. It supports assignments designed as problem sets and projects as well as worksheets, quizzes, exams, and papers. Gradescope's versatility provides opportunities for instructors to apply Gradescope to many different styles and types of assignments throughout their class.

Why Use Gradescope?

  • Easily collect hand written assignments for online grading
  • Grade assignments quickly while providing consistent detailed feedback
  • Standardize grading across individuals and graders

Use Cases for Gradescope

A non-exhaustive list outlining what Instructors can use Gradescope to facilitate include:

  • Collecting hand written problem sets or a take-home exam and grading it digitally
  • Grading question answers that are grouped together through AI analysis to speed up the grading process
  • Student submissions of runnable coding program assignments
  • Quickly updating the grades on student submissions based on a shared, dynamic scoring rubric for each assignment question

What will my students see?

Canvas's Student View does not work with Gradescope. If you wish to see a student view, you need to have a secondary account enrolled in your course as a student so you can log in directly as that student into Canvas, and then into Gradescope. To request a guest account for yourself, please complete the Guest Account Request form.

When students enter a Gradescope assignment in Canvas, it will allow them to download a PDF template (if there is one made available) of the problem set, exam, etc.

Students can then select their own PDF file to upload the completed assignment in the same window by:

  1. Clicking the "Select PDF" button.
  2. Finding and selecting their file on their computer.
  3. Clicking the "Upload PDF" button to submit.

Once the student has made their submission, they will be able to see a preview of the file they uploaded.

If multiple submissions are allowed, they can click the "Resubmit" button in the bottom-right corner to change their PDF submission.

For more help with Gradescope, please email vendor support at [email protected] or Yale's support at [email protected].

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