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Canvas Quizzes: Overview

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The Canvas Quizzes tool is a native Canvas feature which is available in all Canvas course sites. Canvas Quizzes allows instructors to create high and/or low stakes assessments containing any combination of both auto-scored and hand scored questions. The Quizzes tool allows instructors to add an assessment timer which begins when a student opens the quiz and auto-submits when the timer runs out (if the student has not already manually submitted). Canvas Quizzes offers many adaptable and accessible features to meet all of your formative and summative assessment needs.

Why use Canvas Quizzes?

Canvas Quizzes can provide instructors with a way to offer online self check practice quizzes as well as high stakes written exams. The Quizzes tool provides a range of question types—many of which can be auto-scored by Canvas to save instructors' time. When creating exam questions, instructors can pre-populate customized feedback for students who select correct or incorrect answers.  

Benefits of Canvas Quizzes include (but are not limited to):

  • Auto-scoring question types - particularly useful for large enrollment courses
  • Hand-scored question types - short answer, fill in the blank and file upload type questions can be used to collect student-generated content. Instructors can use the file upload question type to collect handwritten student work
  • Individual questions - since each question can be set up to stand alone, instructors can assign points to each question, which allows students to easily see which questions they got right / wrong and how that impacted their grade
  • Allow multiple attempts - you can set up a quiz to be a self-check and allow students to take and retake the quiz until they have mastered the content
  • Student-Based Quiz timers - the Canvas Quiz timer will begin when a student opens their exam and will auto-submit when the timer runs out
  • Extra time / Extra Attempts for Accommodations - using the Moderate Quiz feature, instructors can give individual students extra time or extra attempts
  • Custom Due Dates - if needed, custom due / available from / until dates can be set for individual students
  • Respondus LockDown Browser - Canvas quizzes can be used with Respondus LockDown browser to restrict student usage of the internet or other software programs on their exam device during the quiz

Use Cases for Canvas Quizzes

Below are some examples of how Canvas Quizzes can be used in your course.

  • Self-check homework problems
  • Midterm Exams
  • Final Exams
  • Weekly low-stakes knowledge checks

How do I use Canvas Quizzes in my course?

Canvas is currently rolling out their "New Quizzes" engine, which is replacing the "Classic Quizzes" functionality and service. New and Classic Quizzes have many of the same functions and capabilities, though there are differences. To learn more about those differences check out our Introducing New Quizzes article.

The Canvas Quizzes tool is available in all courses in Canvas. Instructor and TA level users can always access the tool to create Quiz assessment activities, but the tool can be hidden from students if desired. To learn more about how to use Canvas Quizzes to facilitate your online course work, please reference:

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