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Canvas Modules: Overview

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As you build your Canvas course, you may find that pieces of your learning materials are scattered across the course site. There may be assignments, quizzes, discussions, files, or more that all exist in your course, but in different places. Canvas Modules provides a space to bring these elements together into a single area, which allows you to build cohesion and flow into your course.

Using modules provides a way for you and your students to stay organized in the course, and helps you manage student expectations. Common uses of modules you may want to consider is matching your modules to your syllabus. If your syllabus is ordered by week, consider adding modules by week that include what students should be completing for that week.

Why Use Canvas Modules?

  • Group and organize related course content together
  • Set and moderate student progress through requirements and prerequisites
  • Provide paths to meet requirements for learning objectives
  • Facilitate self-paced or asynchronous learning

Use Cases for Canvas Modules

A non-exhaustive list outlining what Instructors can use the Canvas Modules to facilitate include:

  • Organizing weekly course content spread out across the Canvas site into one linear space that contextualizes the content as it relates to the syllabus
  • Setting requirements on specific modules that only become available upon certain criteria being met by the students
  • Developing various learning paths for students to select that allow them to choose the direction of their learning that most interests or suites them

How do I use Canvas Modules in my course?

To learn more about how to use Canvas Modules to organize and facilitate your online course work, please reference:

What will my students see?

When students access your course and navigate to the "Modules" section in your Course navigation they will see the Modules and content you have organized.

  1. The Module titles, which can represent the different weeks and/or topics from your syllabus, or some other categorization of how you want to organize / display course content spread out across your Canvas site.
  2. Course content added to the module.
  3. Any Lock dates, Module Prerequisites, or Requirements to accessing the module and it's content.

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