Instructor Notification Recommendations

Within Canvas @ Yale, you have specific notifications that you can modify to determine how frequently you receive email notifications from your Canvas @ Yale course site. For details about each notification setting, please refer to the vendor's Canvas Notifications documentation.

Notifications received from Canvas to your email address will come from "Course Name <>".

For instructions on how to change your notification preferences, please refer to the help articles below.  Remember that Course-level notifications override account level notifications.

In order to ensure that you are receiving all types of communication from the students, we recommend you to modify the following notifications:

Notification Type
What functionality is covered
Recommended Notification
Course Activities
Announcement Created by You
Announcements created by you, and replies to announcements you've created
Notify Immediately
Submission Comment
Assignment submission comment
Notify Immediately
Conversations (Inbox)
Account-level Setting ONLY
Added to Conversation
You are added to a conversation
Notify Immediately
Conversation Message
New Inbox messages
Notify Immediately
Conversations Created by Me
You created a conversation (sent message)
Notify Immediately
Student Appointment Signups
Student appointment sign-up
Notify Immediately
Appointment Signups
New appointment on your calendar
Notify Immediately
Appointment Cancellations
Appointment cancellation
Notify Immediately
New and change items on your course calendar
Notify Immediately

For more help, please contact