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Quick Start Guide for Instructors

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This guide is a collection of help articles meant to help instructors get a quick start on accessing and setting up their course sites. It includes basic instructions on the accessing the course site, posting a syllabus, adding files, and publishing the course site.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Course Site

1. Log into Canvas @ Yale by accessing this link:

Note: If any of your courses do not appear in Canvas, the class might not be set up in the Registrar’s Banner system with you as a listed instructor. Please contact your local registrar for assistance.

Dashboard in Canvas

Posting the Syllabus

Adding Files

Adding Users

Publishing the Course Site

More Resources

There’s a lot more you can do with Canvas beside just sharing a syllabus and files!

  • Add Assignments to create and track graded and ungraded assignments, including online and offline submission, no submission, discussions, and quizzes.
  • Create Discussions in which students can see and respond their peers' responses to a topic.
  • Create Pages that organize all components of a class session in a single place, with explanatory text about the day’s topic, links to readings, quizzes, online discussion posts, or assignments.
  • Consider Modules to structure your class activities in an easy-to-follow sequence.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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