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The Poorvu Center created the following tutorial page in response to a recommendation made by the Yale Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This tutorial outlines what a welcome message might include, how to record it, and adding it to your syllabus.

STEP 1: Preparing for Recording

STEP 2: Recording / Creating a Video

Faculty can use a number of tools and software programs to record their welcome messages, including the following (click on the tool to view instructions)

1. Media Library (Panopto)

For more support on the Media Library (Panopto), please check out our support articles.

1.1. Installing and Using Media Library (Panopto) Recorder

Find and Install Media Library (Panopto) Recorder

1.2. Recording your video using the Media Library (Panopto) Recorder

Click on the appropriate link below for more detailed instructions on how to record Media Library (Panopto) videos based on your operating system:

PC Users

Recording with a Windows Computer

MAC Users

Recording with a MAC Computer

2. Zoom

You can use the Zoom integration in your Early Course Sandbox (or official course site) to schedule a meeting that auto records, which you can then use the scheduled meeting recording as a way to record your welcome video. Please referenced our detailed instructions in our help article focused on how to create a welcome video using a scheduled Zoom meeting through Canvas.

3. Smartphone

For those who are interested, you can also use your smartphone or other devices with recording capabilities to record your welcome video. You can find details in our help article on how to create a welcome video using the Smartphone Method.

4. Other External Method → Uploading a Video to Media Library (Panopto)

If you record your video outside of the Media Library using some other video recording tool not described here, you will need to upload your file into the Media Library to share with your students. Follow the instructions in our Uploading Existing Media article to upload your video.

STEP 3: Update the Video Sharing Permissions

You must modify the sharing settings of your video in Media Library to make the video content visible to students via Yale Course Search.

Once you have the video uploaded into the Media Library, you will need to modify the access settings for the video so prospective and enrolled students can view it.

  1. Navigate to the "Media Library" tab in your Canvas course site.
  2. Hover over the uploaded welcome video to display the action buttons, and click the "Share" button.
  1. In the pop-up menu that opens, click on "Change" and set the access to "Your Organization (unlisted)."

STEP 4: Adding the Welcome Video to your Syllabus

In order for your video to be visible to interested students, you must embed the video your video into the Syllabus page using the Rich Content Editor instead of using the Panopto (Media Library) text editor button.

If you have any trouble with this process, please email [email protected].

  1. Once the access to your welcome video has been set to "Your Organization (unlisted)," click the "Embed" button.
  1. Click the "Copy Embed Code" button and close the pop-up window for your welcome video.
  1. Navigate back to your Syllabus page on your Canvas course, and click the "Edit" button in the top right of the page.

The Syllabus Editor does not have an auto-save feature. If you are making multiple edits to your Syllabus page in one session, we recommend that you frequently click the "Update Syllabus" button to save your work before you move on to make more edits.  

  1. In the Rich Content Editor box, scroll to the end of your syllabus to find and highlight the words "EMBED CLASS VIDEO HERE."
  2. Click the "Insert" button in the Rich Content Editor ribbon, and choose "Embed" from the list of options.
  1. Paste the "Embed Code" in the pop-up window text box and click the "Submit" button.
  1. Once the welcome video is embedded, click  the "Update Syllabus" button to save your changes.

For more help with the Media Library and recording your welcome videos, please contact [email protected].

For more help with Canvas, please contact [email protected].

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