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Viewing What Students See in Your Course

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The "Student View" feature allows you to determine what your course looks like from a student perspective. You can access the Student View button from multiple places in your course.

Enabling Student View

  1. Go to "Settings" in your course navigation.
  2. Click the "Student View" button.

The Student View button (glasses icon) is also accessible in the top-right corner of the Home Page, Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Modules, People, Pages, Files, Syllabus, Outcomes, and Quizzes areas of your course.

Student View Interface

Once you have click the Student View button, you will be able to access your course as a fully functional "Test Student."

  1. The pink border around your screen will indicate if you are in student view.
  2. The Reset Student button will delete your test student's progress so you can reset and resubmit assessments you want to try.
  3. To leave student view and go back to your instructor view, click the Leave Student View button.

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