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How to Reserve a Time Slot in Sign-up Tool?

This article will show you how to use the Sign-Up Tool to reserve or unreserve a time within an appointment group.

Note: Sign-Up Tool is currently within a beta release. This means that there could be additional changes made based on the feedback received from those who are using the tool. If you are using the tool and would like to provide us with feedback, please fill out the following Google Form: Sign-Up Tool Beta Release Feedback.

How to Reserve a Time Slot

1. Click on Sign-Up Tool (Beta) from your global navigation.

Click on Sign-Up Tool (Beta)

2.  Click on the name of the appointment group you want to reserve time for.

Click on the appointment group.

3. Once within the appointment group, click on the reserve icon to reserve the time slot.

Click the reserve icon

4. If applicable, type in any comments you will like the instructor to see with your reservation.

5. Click "Reserve".

Enter Comments and click Reserve

How to Unreserve a Time Slot

1. To cancel, go back to the time slot you reserved (indicated under the status) and click the unreserve icon.

Click the unreserve icon.

2. Enter in your reason for cancellation

3. Click "Unreserve".

Enter cancellation reason and click unreserve.

 For more help, please contact [email protected].