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Accommodations: Providing Paper & Online Formats of the Same Quiz Activity

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Instructors may receive requests from Student Accessibility Services to provide certain accommodations for students. Often times, educational technology can help meet the needs of these accommodations.

In some situations, instructors may want / need students to have a paper copy of a quiz activity. There are two tools that may be used to accomplish this available to the Canvas @ Yale community: New Quizzes and the external application, Gradescope.

New Quizzes allows instructors to print a copy of their quiz activity without an answer key, which they can then distribute to students, but there is not a way to re-upload student's attempts back into the New Quizzes activity for grading.

Gradescope does afford users the ability to download / print a copy of a quiz as well as upload back handwritten responses for grading.

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Printing a New Quizzes Activity

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