Canvas @ YaleStudent Guides Student FAQWhy are the courses I registered for not showing up in Canvas?

Why are the courses I registered for not showing up in Canvas?

Official academic course sites are created in Canvas automatically and enrollments in the sites are managed by the official enrollment data in the registration system (Banner).  Official enrollments (Instructors/Students/Auditors) are all managed by the registration system and can only be modified by a school/departmental registrar in Banner.

Changes made to enrollments in the registration system (Banner) will be synchronized to Canvas every 2 hours - so expected at least a 2 hour delay before changes are reflected in Canvas.

Courses for the Current Semester:

Solution:  Check to see what Dashboard View you are using.

The Canvas Dashboard page has three different views you can choose from.  The most common view is Card View which displays your courses as "cards" that you can click on.  

The other 2 views (List View and Recent Activity) do not show your courses on the Dashboard, so if you choose one of these views, you will need to click the Courses button [A] in your left side navigation menu and click on your the Canvas Courses in the pop-out drawer [B].  No matter what view you use on your Dashboard or where you are within Canvas, the Courses button is always available in the left-side global navigation bar.

You can change between views by clicking on the 3-dot menu [1] on the Dashboard page and selecting an alternate view [2].

Solution:  Check to see if you are using course "favorites".

Users can use the Canvas "favorites" option to keep their Dashboard clean.  Visit our help article on How to Favorite your Course to see how you can view and update which courses appear on your Dashboard page.

Solution:  Check to see if the instructor has not published the course yet.

Unpublished course sites will not appear on your Dashboard page.  Visit our help article on How do I find my courses to see how you can check the status courses you are enrolled in.  If you see that the course is listed but not published, you can reach out to your instructor to ask if they plan to use Canvas for their course.

Solution:  Check back in 2 hours.

Changes made by a registrar are not immediately processed into Canvas.  Canvas is updated every 2 hours.  

Solution:  Verify that you have registered for the course.

Students must add a course to one of their Yale Course Search worksheets** in order to be enrolled in the course's Canvas site: 

  • Registration Worksheet to officially register for the course - will add you to the course site as a Student  OR
  •  Canvas Worksheet to visit a course you are considering - will add you to the course site as a Visitor.  

After you have added the course to one of the two worksheets, your enrollment will be processed in up to 2 hours.  Check back after 2 hours to ensure that the course is listed on your Dashboard page.  

For courses that require instructor permission, you will need to work with the instructor and the departmental registrar to register for the course.  

** Some departments/schools (like School of Management and Law School) may use other methods for registering for courses - reach out to the departmental/school registrar or support team for assistance. 

I did not register for the course and am not able to add the course to my Worksheets - what do I do?

Solution:  Make sure you have not reached the maximum allowed courses for shopping.

Yale Course Search's Registration Worksheet restricts students from adding more than 5.5 credits to the worksheet.  The Canvas Worksheet restricts students from adding more than 10 courses to the worksheet. Make sure that you have not reached the maximum course load before you add the course to one of your worksheets.

Solution:  Make sure that course selection period has not ended.

If you are trying to add the course after course selection and add/drop period has ended, contact your departmental registrar for assistance modifying your courses.

I have registered for the course and waited 2 hours and am still not enrolled in the course - what do I do now?

Contact [email protected] for further assistance.  Make sure that you include your name, NetID, and the courses that you are registered for that are not appearing on your dashboard page.

What if I need access right now - what should I do?

Contact your instructor or departmental registrar and ask them to manually add you to your course site with the Guest Student role until the your enrollment has been resolved in the registration system.

Courses for the Past Semester

If you are looking for a course that was taught during a term in the past, please check out our help article on Courses in Past Terms - How to View Courses in Past Term.