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Why am I unable to access my Course Blog (WordPress for Canvas)?

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WordPress for Canvas is a discussion / blogging solution that allows instructors and students to post original content and comments in an asynchronous discussion format. Course Blogs can be used in many ways—check with your instructor on how the Course Blog will be used in their course.

SOLUTION: Use the Course Blog button in the course navigation menu

The first time that a student accesses a Course Blog on Canvas, they must click on the "Course Blog" button in the course's navigation menu. 

Instructors may include a direct link to the Course Blog in other locations around their course such as in the syllabus or on specific pages or assignments. These links will not work to provide a student access until they have used the "Course Blog" link in the course navigation.

After the user has done this process once and has successfully accessed the Course Blog with their account, they will be able to access the blog from the Course Blog button or directly through URL / links to the Course Blog that are posted elsewhere within Canvas as part of an Announcement, Assignment, Syllabus, Page, etc.

Clicking on the Course Blog button allows the WordPress for Canvas integration to control access to the blog.

Only users listed in the "People" tool of the linked Canvas course access the associated WordPress Course Blog, which maps their role in Canvas to the appropriate level of access in the course blog.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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