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How do I Modify the Course-Level Notification Settings?

Within Canvas @ Yale, you have specific notifications that you can modify to determine how frequently you receive email notifications from your Canvas @ Yale course site.  You can control your default (account-level) notification preferences AND you can control your settings within each course you are enrolled in.  

For details about each notification setting, please refer to the vendor's Canvas Notifications documentation.

Please refer to out help guide for details on how to modify your default (account-level) settings.

NOTE:  Course-level notification preferences override default (account-level) notification preferences.

Notifications received from Canvas to your email address will come from "Course Name <>".

For notification recommendations, please refer to the articles below:

Access the Course-Level Notification Settings

To modify these notifications:

  1. Go to the course site where you want to update your notification settings
  2. On the Home [1] page of your course, click the View Course Notifications [2] button.
Click on "Account", and then click "Notifications"

Note: The default course level notification settings are inherited from your account-level notification settings.

Update Course-Level Notification Settings

Enable/Disable Notifications For The Course

You can choose to enable/disable notifications for each course you are enrolled in by moving the Enable Notifications toggle [3].

  • If the toggle button is green with a check mark - you have enabled notifications for this course.
  • If the toggle button is gray with an x - you have disabled notifications for this course.

Modify Notification Settings

  1. Next each item, you will see the current notification setting icon.  
  2. To change the notification frequency for an item, click on the notification setting icon [4].
  3. A sub-menu will appear with your notification frequency options.  Select the appropriate frequency notification setting icon [5].  

Legend of Notification Icons

  1. Solid Bell: To receive notification right away. Delayed one-hour to capture all changes, which prevents multiple notifications at the same time.
  2. Calendar with number: Daily summary notification via email.
  3. Calendar with date boxes: Weekly summary notification via email.
  4. Clear Bell with Slash: Does not send notification for that item.

Description of Course-Level Notification Types

Please see below for the description of each notification type. All notifications are customizable.

Notification Type
What functionality is covered
Course Activities
Due Date
Assignment Due Date Change
Grading Policies
Course grading policy change
Course Content
Change to course content including: Pages, Quiz Content, Assignment Content
New files added to your course
New announcements in your course
Announcements Created By You
New announcements created by you, and replies to announcements you've created
Includes: Assignment/submission grade entered/changed; Un-muted assignment grade; Grade weight changed.
Invitation for: Web conference; Group; Collaboration; Course; Peer Review reminder
All Submissions*
Assignment submission/resubmission
Late Grading*
Late assignment submission
Submission Comment
Assignment submission comment
Blueprint Sync*
Content was synced from a blueprint course to associated courses
New discussion topic in your course
Discussion Post
New discussion post in a topic you're subscribed to
Student Appointment Signups*
Student appointment sign-up
Appointment Signups
New appointment on your calendar
Appointment Cancellations
Appointment cancellation
Appointment Availability
New appointment time slots are available for signup
New and change items on your course calendar
Recording Ready
A conference recording is ready

*Instructor and Admin only

**Admin only: pending enrollment activated

For more information about notifications, please see the vendor help article, "Guides for profile and user settings". For general help, please contact