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How to find my Turnitin Report for my assignment submission? (Student)

Turnitin can be used on an assignment by assignment basis.  If your instructor has not enabled Turnitin on an assignment, you will not have access to a Turnitin Similarity Reports for that assignment.

Note: Although it is recommended that instructors using Turnitin allow students to immediately view Similarity Reports, the instructor does have the ability to suppress student access to reports completely or until the assignment due date.

For assignments that use Turnitin, instructors you can allow you to view your Similarity Report.  For these assignments, you can access the report by doing the following:

  1. Go to your course's Grades area.
  2. For the assignment, click on the similarity score indicator (a flag indicator).

Note: Similarity Reports are generated for instructors once upon student submission, and again once the due date has passed. If your instructor has allowed students to view the Similarity Report, please be aware that you may have two different scores after the due date because of this.

Go to "Grades" and click on the flag indicator

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