Yale Participant (NetID)

These instructions are for Yale participants who log into Canvas using their Yale NetID and password.

What is the web address for Canvas?

For most users, you will need to log into Canvas at:  


On the login screen, click the "NetID" button. 

Click "NetID" to log in as a Yale user

What is my password?

When you log into Canvas, you will use your Yale NetID and password.  This is the same login information that you use to access your Yale email.

I accidentally entered the wrong NetID password several times.

If you enter the wrong password for your account too many times, your account can be "locked".  To unlock your account, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk:

  • ITS Help Desk Phone:  203-432-9000
  • ITS Help Desk Email:  helpdesk@yale.edu

I forgot my NetID password.

To reset your password, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk:

  • ITS Help Desk Phone:  203-432-9000
  • ITS Help Desk Email:  helpdesk@yale.edu

Account Information Not Recognized - But I do have an account!

If you do have a Canvas account and you receive an "Account Information Not Recognized" error, you may be experiencing browser issues. Please try doing the following:

  1. Clear your browser's cache
  2. Close your browser
  3. Reopen your browser
  4. Go to http://canvas.yale.edu and click the "NetID" login option.
  5. Enter your Yale NetID and password.

How do I access Canvas course sites?

For a full list of Canvas sites you have access to, follow the instructions in the help article on how to find your courses.*

Note for students:  The Canvas site must be published by the instructor/administrator before you can access it.  You can verify the publish status of the Canvas site from your All Courses area.  If the course is not published, contact the course instructor/administrator.

How do I accept an invitation to a Canvas course site?

An instructor or an administrator may manually enroll you in a course to give you access.  Once added to the course, you will receive an email invitation to the course.  You must accept the invitation before you can participate in the course.  There are two ways you can accept the course invitation:

  1. Click the "Accept" button in the email invitation.


  1. Log into Canvas and click the "Accept" button on your Dashboard page.

NOTE:  You will only need to accept the invitation once.

If you believe that you should have access to a course, but do not see it in your list of courses, please contact the instructor or administrator for the site.

For more help, please contact canvas@yale.edu.