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Professional School Academic Courses: Early Requests For Canvas Courses

Due to fluctuation of course data due to numerous school/department cross-listings, early requests for Canvas courses cannot be honored for Yale College or Graduate School or Arts and Sciences.  If an instructor would like to work on their course before the official course sites are created, they can request an Early Course Sandbox for each course they are teaching.

For each semester, academic course data is turned on to auto-create Canvas sites based on this approximate schedule (extenuating circumstance may impact the actual dates):

  • Fall courses:  Mid-July
  • Spring courses:  Late-November, Early-December
  • Summer courses:  Early-April

For some professional schools, course data may be ready before the semester course data is turned on.  Professional schools who have completed the course data early (and confirmed all cross-listings), can request a 1-time push of courses into Canvas.  

Official academic course sites are created in Canvas automatically and enrollments in the sites are managed by the official enrollment data in the registration system (Banner).  Official enrollments (Instructors/Students/Auditors) are all managed by the registration system and can only be modified by a school/departmental registrar in Banner.

STEP 1:  Registrar sets up the semester's courses in Yale Registration System

At Yale, the official student information system / registration system is Banner.  Although not all schools and departments work directly in this system, all course information, instructor assignments, and student registration data resides in Banner.  If you are unsure what you should use to enter courses for the coming semester, please reach out to your department registrar, support team, or the University Registrar's Office ([email protected]).

Enter your course data into Yale's official registration system.  When you enter in the courses, you should also (if possible) assign the official instructor(s) of record.

STEP 2:  Confirm that your course appears in Yale Course Search

For most schools/departments, courses that are in Banner will appear in Yale Course Search.  After you have created the courses in Banner, check Yale Course Search.  If the course appears there and the instructor is assigned properly, you should find your new courses listed there.

If your school omits courses from Yale Course Search, you can skip this step - but we recommend that you do check Banner directly to confirm that the courses and instructors are entered properly.

STEP 3:  Canvas Sites

If semester course data is not turned on yet...

STEP 3A:  Email [email protected]

If the semester data is not yet turned on, you will need to email [email protected]  

NOTE:  The Canvas team cannot create courses until the course data is posted in Banner.   You should make sure that the course data is already in Banner/Yale Course Search before you contact the Canvas Support Team.

STEP 3B:  Canvas Sites Created - 1-Time Manual Push of Course Data

If the semester data is not yet turned on, the Canvas team will complete a 1-time push of course data to get your course sites created in Canvas.  After that, 1-time push, these courses will not be updated again until the semester data is turned on OR if another request is made for 1 time manual data push.

Because early course creation is only a 1-time push of course data, you should make sure that all courses you need are in Banner and all instructors are assigned accordingly before you make the request.

NOTE:  Once triggered by the Canvas Support Team, Canvas data pushes can take between 2-4 hours to complete.

STEP 3C:  Canvas team will notify you

Once the Canvas sites are created, the Canvas Support Team will let you know.  If you have admin access in Canvas, you will be able to view and access the course sites as soon as they are created.

If semester course data is already turned on...

Changes made by a registrar will automatically be updated in Canvas.  Updates are not immediately processed - you can expect changes in Banner to appear in Canvas between 2-4 hours after an update is made.  

Getting Help

Incorrect Course Number / Section Number in Canvas Site

You will need to update Banner accordingly.  If you do make this modification, the course with the wrong data will be deleted and a new course will be created in its place.

CAUTION:  Making modifications to course data after a semester has started is not recommended since it will delete the existing course.  Instructor and student data would be lost.

Incorrect Course Title in Canvas Site

The course title in Canvas is set only at the moment when the site is first created.  It will not update after a change in Banner.  This is to ensure that intentional modifications to the course title made by instructors are not overwritten.

If a course title needs to be changed, the instructor or a registrar/local support person with Canvas admin access can update the course title manually in Canvas.

Incorrect Instructor Enrolled in Site / Instructor Is Not Enrolled in Site

Check the entry in Banner.  Many times, the issue is that only the Instructor's name has been added to the course record.  The course record must contain the instructor's email address and NetID in order to enroll the user into the course with the instructor role.

In some cases, you may need to verify that the person added as the instructor is accurate.  If there are multiple people with the same first and last name, you may need to confirm the email address and NetID included in the course record is for the appropriate person.

Course data is turned on, but updates made in Banner are not appearing in Canvas

Banner updates Canvas every 2 hours.  After you make a change, wait for 2 hours and then check to see if the change appears in Canvas.

If it has been more than 2 hours and your changes are still not appearing, contact [email protected].  

Problems getting data into Banner / I'm not sure how to get course data into Banner

Each department and school may use a different tool, but all course data ends up in Yale's official student information system / registration system, Banner.  If you are a registrar and are unsure of how to get your course data into Canvas, contact your local school/department and/or the Yale University Registrar's Office ([email protected]) for support.