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FAQ / Troubleshooting Banner-Canvas Issues (Professional / Departmental Registrar Resource)

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Changes in Banner can have major impacts on downstream systems like Canvas. Below are a few common issues / FAQ situations that registrars may encounter when translating their work in Banner to its impact in Canvas.

The Canvas course site creation feed has been enabled for my school by the Educational Technology team, but updates I made to the course offering in WEN have not appeared in Canvas. When do updates appear in Canvas?

Canvas syncs banner data every 2-4 hours. After changes are made, check in 2-4 hours to see if the change appears in Canvas.

If your problem persists past 2-4 hours and is not associated with the other troubleshooting issues identified below, please contact [email protected] to investigate further on the Canvas side to rule out any issues with how Canvas ingests Banner data.

A course has an incorrect primary / secondary course designation for a cross-listing (or different section number) that needs to be changed. How will this effect Canvas?

Making modifications to course offering data like the primary / secondary designation on cross-listed courses (or section number) after a semester has started is not recommended as it will delete the existing course. Instructor and student data in the Canvas course will be lost.

When the primary / secondary designation on cross-listed courses changes, the Canvas course site with the wrong / old data will be deleted, along with all of the course site content that the instructor may have already added / created, and a new course site will be created in its place on Canvas.

If there is already content (but not student data like assignment / discussion forum submissions and grades) in the Canvas course site, please reach out to [email protected] to coordinate the update to avoid / mitigate deleting any work the instructor may have done.

No instructor / the incorrect Instructor is enrolled in the Canvas course site despite them being associated with the course offering displayed on Yale Course Search / our registration page. Why are they not enrolled correctly?

If the course is being taught by a new instructor or an instructor that has not taught in a number of years, the instructor's record may need to be created or updated in Banner. If this is the case, please email [email protected] for assistance.

NOTE: The Registrar’s Office can not update or create a record until the instructor has a teaching appointment.

Check the instructor assignment entry. In some cases, you may need to verify that the person added as the instructor is accurate. If there are multiple people with the same first and last name, you may need to confirm the email address, NetID, and UPI number included in the course record is for the appropriate person.

If the instructor information is all correct and they still are not appearing in Canvas, please contact [email protected] to investigate further on the Canvas side to rule out any issues with how Canvas ingests Banner data.

I updated a course's title, but the title on the Canvas course site has not updated. How does the course title get changed in Canvas?

The course site title in Canvas is created and set only at the moment when the site is first created. The course site's title will not update after a change to the systems of record. This is to ensure that intentional modifications to the course site's title made by instructors in Canvas are not overwritten every time Canvas syncs.

If a course title needs to be changed on the Canvas course site, the instructor or a registrar / local support person with Canvas admin access can follow the instructions found in the Changing Your Course Name and Course Number in Canvas support article.

If you have any additional questions about the registrar processes, please contact your school's / department's registrar.

If you have questions about how Canvas integrates with the Registrar's systems / processes please email [email protected].

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