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Changing Your Name on Canvas

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Previously in Canvas, you could modify your name to change the spelling or modify your name to your preferred name. As of March 2017, Canvas is now showing "preferred name" based on the official Name Policy and Use of the university

Note: It can take up to 48 hours from when your preferred name request is complete for the changes to appear within Canvas.

Change of Name for Students with a NetID

In order to change your name within Canvas, you will need to make the change following the policy reflected here: Name Policy and Use

Change of Name for Instructors / Staff with a NetID

In order to change your name in Canvas, log into Workday and modify your preferred name under the "Personal Information" section of your account.

Your preferred name may be below the "More" button of the "Change" column.

Change of Name for Guest Account Users

Guests users (guest students, instructors, etc.) in Yale's instance of Canvas can email [email protected] with a request to change their name.

 For more help, please contact [email protected].  

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