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Understanding How the Registration Worksheet & Canvas Worksheet Interact with a Canvas Course Site

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The information provided below explains how the Registration Worksheet and Canvas Worksheet used in Yale Course Search enroll a participant into a Canvas course site. Please contact the University Registrar Office or your school's registrar if you have questions about the status of your own or a participant's enrollment in a class.

Canvas @ Yale reflects the enrollment data from the registrar systems.

Please reference the University Registrar Office's Registration Resources page for more information about the course registration process. Also check the Registrar's FAQ page for answers to common questions and issues around registration.

Please visit this article to learn more about a known issue of users being removed from Groups during open enrollment.

During Registration and the Add / Drop Period participants can enroll in courses, which in turn adds them to the Canvas course site. Depending on which Yale Course Search Worksheet the participant uses, they can be officially enrolled in the course or  "visiting" the class. Please reference the chart below to understand how a participant is added to a Canvas course site and their level of access based on the Yale Course Search Worksheet used.

Yale Course Search Worksheet Used Added Automatically to the Canvas Course with the role of... Enrollment Status Abilities in Canvas Canvas Access
Registration Worksheet Student Officially Enrolled for Credit Full abilities to engage and access course content Maintain access throughout and after the semester
Canvas Worksheet Visitor Not Officially Enrolled for Credit Full abilities to engage and access course content
Will be automatically purged from the Canvas course at the end of the Add / Drop period unless the course is added to their Registration Worksheet, or they are added to the course manually as a "Guest Student" by the Instructor / a Teaching Fellow / a Registrar

For more information about how Visitors are removed from courses after the end of the Add / Drop Period, please review our Understanding the Canvas @ Yale Visitor Purge support article.

For questions and issues with registration, please email [email protected]. For course listing questions and issues, please email [email protected].

For additional help with Canvas, please email [email protected].

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