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How do I submit audio/video feedback to a student?

NOTE: To submit audio feedback, you will need to have a microphone. To submit video feedback, you will need both a microphone and a webcam.

Go to Assignments

Go to the "Assignments" area.

Click on the assignment

Find the assignment where you would like to give audio/video feedback and click on it.

Go to Speedgrader

Click on the "Speedgrader" link.

from the speedgrader link, click on the media option button.

Once inside SpeedGrader, look to the right side grading panel.  Under the "Assignment Comments" text box, click the media recording icon.  A pop-up window will appear.

Select recording type

Select recording type, either record media or upload media.

In the pop-up window you will see two options.  You can either select the "Upload Media" tab to upload a file that you have already recorded or you can create a new recording by selecting the "Record Media" tab (this tab is selected by default).

Record Media

Record Media by entering a title, selecting the microphone or webcam, and select allow for allowing the camera and mircophone access.

If you choose to record your own media, select the "Record Media" tab.  Enter in a title for your recording in the "Title" box [1].  Then, on the left, you can choose to record audio only [2] or you can choose to record audio and video [2].  Once you have selected the appropriate option, click the "Allow" button [4] in the Adobe Flash Player Settings pop-up.

Begin Recording

Begin Recording you media recording

When you are ready to begin recording, just click anywhere in the box.  When you are done recording, just click again in the box.

Note:  If you are recording audio & video, you should see a preview of your webcam image while you record.

click save or re-record after you complete your recording.

When you are done recording, the recording will automatically play back for you to review.  If you are happy with the recording click the "Save" button [1] or you can click the record button to re-record [2].

you will then see your media comment

When you are done, the media recording feedback will appear in the right side grading panel in SpeedGrader.

If you would like to learn more about this tool, please consider attending one of our workshops or schedule a one-on-one consultation: