How do I Create Groups?

Create Group Set

1. Begin by clicking on the People tab.

2. Click+Group Set.

Screenshot of the People Tab, Plus Group Set

3. Select your options for the Group Set, and click Save.

screenshot of the options that you can have while creating group sets.

To Create Groups within Group Set

4. Click on +Group.

Click +Group in order to create group within the group set.

5. Name the Group.

6. Select Save.

Name your group and identify if you want to limit the group to a specific number of members

7. If you select “I’ll create groups manually”, then you want to click the + next to each student’s name.

8. Click on the link to add the student to the specific group.

To add a student to a specific group, click the + next to the student's name and then click the link to the group.

9. To see what students are in the group, click the arrow next to the group’s name.

By clicking on the arrow next to the group's name, you will be able to see all students assigned to the group.

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