Integrating Perusall with Canvas

Perusall is an annotation tool that integrates with Canvas. In order to have Perusall integrated within your course, please contact and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Perusall allows students and their instructors to collaboratively markup .pdf documents. This tool also allows:

  • User tagging with email alerts and Perusall inbox alert.
  • Tagging of annotations as questions automatically when a user uses a question mark.
  • Ability to filter annotations to view questions, unanswered questions, annotations by instructor, or annotations by a specific student.
  • Automatic grading.
  • Confusion report to see where students have the most questions.
  • Provides a downloadable .csv of all annotations in an assignment.

For more information on Perusall, please see Perusall website. Note: in order for Perusall to be integrated within your course, please contact