Quick Start Guide for Instructors

  • When you post your syllabus and publish your course in Canvas, your syllabus will become available in the Yale's Course Search. It may take up to 4 hours for your syllabus to appear in the system.
  • By Default, you are given 1 Gig of space within your Canvas course. For any reason you feel you need more space, please email canvas@yale.edu and we are happy to assist you.

1. Find your course site at http://canvas.yale.edu

After logging on with your Yale NetID, you will see colored cards for each of your upcoming classes. Click a card to access the course site.

Screenshot of Dashboard in Canvas

If any of your courses does not appear in Canvas, the class might not be set up in the Registrar’s Banner system with you as a listed instructor. Please contact your local registrar for assistance.  

Create or upload your syllabus

1. Click Syllabus on your Course Menu.

Screenshot to see where to click syllabus from course menu.

2. To edit your syllabus, click “Edit” on the right-hand side.

screenshot to click on edit to modify the syllabus.

Note: Any assignments within your course will be automatically populated underneath your course syllabus.  

3. You can then type your syllabus within the text editor.

4. To upload your syllabus (or to link to other documents), you can find those documents within the Files menu on the right-hand side.

screenshot on how to add content to course syllabus.

Add files

If you have documents you’d like to share with students in the class, you can upload them easily in Files, which is similar to Classes*v2 Resources in many ways. In Canvas, Files is primarily designed to be a behind-the-scenes repository, rather than the primary way of sharing materials directly with students. Consider structuring students’ engagement with uploaded files by creating a “Page” that contains links to the files as well as descriptive text to provide some context to the files.

1. Select Files from your Course Menu.

screenshot on how to click on files from course navigation.

2. Option 1: Click upload and select files from your computer.

3. Option 2: Click and drag files from your computer to the folder area.

screenshot on how to add files to files area.

Note: If you have zip files (including from Classes*v2), you can click and drag these folders into the folder area and Canvas will expand the zip file automatically.

If you would like to create a new folder within the Files area, you would just click “+ Folder”, next to upload:

screenshot on how to create folders in Files area.

Publish your site  

On the Home page of your course site, simply click the “Publish” button to make your course visible to students who will be “shopping” your course or who have officially enrolled. 

screenshot on how to publish course site.

There’s a lot more you can do with Canvas beside just sharing a syllabus and files!

  • Create Pages that organize all components of a class session in a single place, with explanatory text about the day’s topic, links to readings, quizzes, online discussion posts, or assignments
  • Consider Modules to structure your class activities in an easy-to-follow sequence
  • Support collaborative activities for students, using Collaborations to integrate with Google Docs
  • Sign up for one of our advanced Canvas workshops, or a 1-on-1 consultation, to learn more about how Canvas might work best for your teaching: canvas.yale.edu/help
  • For further assistance, please email canvas@yale.edu