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Linking Canvas to the Yale University Official Bookstore

These directions are for students setting up a first time cross-over from Canvas to the Yale University Official Bookstore.

1. Choose your course from your dashboard.

2. Click on "Purchase Course Materials" from the left-hand navigation bar. Clicking this link will open a new window, where you will be prompted to sign in or create an account for the bookstore website. Your account will be paired to Canvas, and you will not be required to sign in after the initial login.

3. You will now be redirected to the Yale University Official Bookstore website. Your course information will auto-populate to match the course you selected in Canvas, and your course materials will appear here in all the available formats (new, used, rental, digital).

Note: If a new window does not open, check your pop up blocker settings, as they may have prevented this from opening.

4. Your Canvas account is now paired with the bookstore website. When you use the Purchase Course Materials link in the future, you will be sent directly to your course materials.

For more help if the integration link goes down, or if there is a technical error, please contact the Barnes & Nobles home office at If you are an instructor, or your instructor has questions about FacultyEnlight, please contact the Yale Bookstore staff at or use their online form. For general help, please contact